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Avizor Lacrifresh Ocu-dry
LACRIFRESH OCU-DRY Relieves the symptoms of mild to moderate ocular dryness Lacrifresh is a lubricating and slightly hypotonic ophthalmic solution designed to relieve the symptoms of mild to moderate dryness and other eye irritations such as itchiness or fatigue caused, for example, by dust, smoke, the...
Clinitas Soothe Dry Eye
Clinitas Soothe Dry Eyes Relif Drops Quick,soothing,effective relief for dry, gritty, irritable eyes Preservative free Re-sealable dropper unit Contains sodium hyaluronate at the highest available concentration (0.4%) for eye drop This product is useful when you Watch TV / use computers wear contact...
Clinitas Soothe Multi
CLINITAS SOOTHE MULTI is soothing long lasting dry eye relief. It is presented as an eye drop solution in a preservative free bottle of 10ml. When should it be used? Clinitas Soothe Multi is an ophthalmic solution of high-molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate, obtained by biotechnological synthesis. Sodium...
ComplEye aid for eye drops
An aid for administering eye drops Forehead support and cheek-bone support Window to position your head Hold bottle with both hands Pull open lower eye lid gently Bring your head onto the right position by looking through ComplEye's window to the ceiling straight above you
Eye Drop Dispenser
Opticare eye drop dispenser Used to aid in the installation of eye drops Fits most eye drop bottles 5-15ml Bottle not included Colour of dispenser may vary from that shown Instructions included Instructions: Opticare eye drop dispenser targets the eye and squeezes the bottle 1. Open Opticare using thumb...
Natural dry eye defence through eyelid massaging Introducing Eyepeace , massages the meibomian glands in the only effective way to treat meibomian gland disease and posterior blepharitis. Developed by world-renowned eye surgeons Professor Johnny Moore and Anant Sharma, this medical massager device has...
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Hot Eye Compress
The EYE MASK is registered Class 1 Medical Device with the MHRA and filled with all natural flax (linseed). We have used excellent quality fabrics to reduce abrasion against the sensitive skin on the eyelids. The E YE MASK has an adjustable strap for personal comfort. This product can be used repeatedly....
To improve the lubrication of the eye surface in eyes that are dry, burning or have foreign body sensations due to environmental conditions. If your eyes are itching, burning, or easily tearing,i f it feels as if you had sand in your eyes, this might be due to a lack of moisture on the surface of your...
Hycosan Extra
Hycosan Extra contains the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in many organs of the human body including the eye. Its unique property is that it forms a regular, stable long lasting , lubricating and moisturising film on the eye surface that not easily rinsed off. This so-called...
Hycosan Plus++
For regeneration and maintenance of healthy eyes ocular surface- cornea and conjunctiva- has to be continuously wet. Ideally this is provided by tears. However,it may happen that there are not enough tears or their composition is disturbed. Then the eye react with redness, itching,foreign body or burning...
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